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We are a team of professionals working in the corporate services and accountancy fields with years of experience in incorporating Malta companies. Our expertise will guarantee you peace of mind, efficiency, confidentiality and success for your new business in Malta.

Here at The Incorporation Specialist we are able to offer Malta company formations as well as company registrations in various other jurisdictions such as Seychelles, Belize, Panama, Cyprus, Gibraltar, UAE and UK.

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Why Malta?

Malta holds a very sound reputation and is a strong and safe jurisdiction. Due to the fact that Malta forms part of the European Union, it has a strong and clean legal system and has favourable tax benefits, it makes it your ideal location to open a Malta company.

The island offers a favourable tax regime which is surely one of Malta’s strengths and assets as a financial centre. The Maltese tax system is approved by international institutions and offers the lowest implicit tax rate on labour in Europe. In addition, Malta prides itself on having a wide network of double taxation agreements.

The island of Malta provides the stability of a highly advantageous tax system that has been in place since 1948 and has been approved by the EU and the OECD. Malta operates a full imputation system under which companies are taxed at a rate of 35%; however, they are entitled to claim tax credits which can potentially result in an effective tax rate of 5%.

Our accountants and tax consultants at The Incorporation Specialist can help your business avail of the most advantageous tax incentives being offered by the Maltese tax regime. With the help of our tax professionals, you may also avail of some tax credits which registered companies in Malta are taking advantage of and continue maximising the profitability of your business which will eventually result in your company’s growth.

More info on Malta company formation visit our FAQ page.

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